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How To Install John The Ripper [Password Cracking Tool]

How to Install John the Ripper on Windows/kali; John the Ripper is password cracking software used by penetration testers and cyber security experts.

Originally developed for the Unix operating system, it can run on fifteen different platforms (eleven of which are architecture-specific versions of Unix, DOSWin32BeOS, and OpenVMS).

It has a lot of code, documentation, and data contributed by jumbo developers and the user community.

It is easy for new code to be added to jumbo, and the quality requirements are low, although lately, we’ve started subjecting all contributions to quite some automated testing.

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This means that you get a lot of functionality that is not necessarily “mature”, which in turn means that bugs in this code are to be expected.

It is completely free. In starting it was only made for Unix operating system but now it can be used on several other platforms also like windows, mac, etc.

It is among the most frequently used password testing and breaking programs as it combines a number of password crackers into one package, autodetects password hash types, and includes a customizable cracker.

it combines a number of strategies to crack passwords. It is mainly used to perform dictionary attacks and brute force attacks on any system or application.

and  Additional modules have extended its ability to include MD4-based password hashes and passwords stored in LDAPMySQL, and others.

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How John The Ripper Works ?

John the Ripper works by using the dictionary method favored by attackers as the easiest way to guess a password.

It takes text string samples from a word list using common dictionary words or common passwords. It can also deal with encrypted passwords, and address online and offline attacks.

How Much TIme John The Ripper Takes To Crack Password ?

“Single crack” mode runs typically take from under a second to one day (depending on the type and number of password hashes)

JtR creators recommend running this mode first as it’s considered the quickest.

The single crack mode uses information from UNIX password files — users’ full names, usernames, etc. — as present in GECOS fields within UNIX password/shadow files to “guess” passwords.

In Three different Way, it cracks Password. it has 3 different Modes to Crack The Password. so There Are Basically 3 Attacks to Crack Password.

How To Install Jhon The Ripper

1) Dictionary attack:

In this type of attack the tool tries passwords provided in a pre-fed list of a large number of words, phrases, and possible passwords derived from previously leaked data dumps or breaches.

2) Bruteforce attack:

In this type of attack, the tool asks the user to configure a few settings, for example, the minimum and maximum lengths the correct password may fall into and what types of characters it could possibly consist of The tool then guesses every combination of passwords possible within this range and specified by the criteria.

3) Rainbow Table:

A rainbow table will be ineffective when password hashes are salted and salt values are too large, all of which increase the overall complexity.  

Salting when done correctly ensures even if a password database is leaked, it would be virtually impossible for a hacker to reverse user passwords to their original plaintext form.

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Can John the Ripper Hack Social Media Password ?

John the Ripper is a free, open-source password cracking and recovery security auditing tool available for most operating systems. It has a bunch of passwords in both raw and hashed format. …

Now to crack the password, John the Ripper will identify all potential passwords in a hashed format.

So Guys after reading all this information You May think That How can we Crack That Hashes By John The Ripper.

so for this First, We will discuss How To Install John The Ripper, Then we will move on to further process How to crack That hashes.

Don’t worry Guys If you are an android user or maybe you are a kali Linux user we will discuss the installation process for both the users. so read the tutorial carefully.

And Follow Each and every Steps mentioned By me Carefully. Coz your single Mistake may result in failure.

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Let’s start with Windows First,

How To Install John The Ripper In Windows


Follow the below steps to install John the Ripper on Windows:

Step 1: Visit the site provided Below Of John The Ripper Tool


How to Install John the Ripper on Windows

Step 2: Now in Above Screenshot you Can See the Download option for 32 Bit window and 64 Bit Window download According to your windows compatibility.

Downloading of the executable file will start shortly. It is a small 21.1 MB file that will hardly take a minute.

Step 3: Now check if the zip file is downloaded in your system and extract it.


Step 4: After extraction, a new folder will be seen on the desktop, open it.

Step 5: Below folders are inside the extracted folder.

Step 6: Cut/Copy these folders and go to C drive, make a new folder named JohnTheRipper and paste these folders into this new folder named John the Ripper.

Step 7: Now go inside the run folder.

Step 8: Type cmd on as shown in the below image and press enter.

Step 9: The command prompt will open with the current folder.


Step 10: Type dir for listing all files and folders.

Step 11: Now look for john.exe.

 Step 12: Type john and press enter, it will show the version of john the ripper so it is working correctly.

So guys congratulation You have successfully installed John The Ripper Tool On Your windows. so now we move on to How To Install John The Ripper On Kali Linux.

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How To Install John The Ripper On Kali Linux ?


So guys if you are a Kali-Linux user then the following Method is for you Guys. so Follow the step-by-step Guide to get Good results.

The following installation method should work for most Linux distributions, launch your system terminal and run the following command to change your working directory to /opt.

cd /opt

Here run the following command to download the binary zip for John the Ripper.

wget http://www.openwall.com/john/g/john-1.7.9-jumbo-7.tar.gz

Once the download is complete, run the following command to extract the downloaded file.

tar -xvzf john-1.7.9-jumbo-7.tar.gz

Rename the extracted directory to something more meaningful.

mv john-1.7.9-jumbo-7 john

If you have 64-bit Linux operating system, run the following command to install it.

make clean Linux-x86-64

If your operating system architecture is 32-bit, run the following command to install John the Ripper.

make clean Linux-x86-sse2

Congratulations, John the Ripper installation on your Linux system now. This is what a successful installation process should look like. So guys congratulation You are finally it’s Done.

In order to run this tool, go to the “run” directory:

cd /opt/john/run

Here run the following command to bring John the Ripper into action.


Follow the official John the ripper page for details about how to crack passwords using this tool.

Bottom Thoughts on “How To Install John The Ripper ?”

John the Ripper is available in both free and paid versions, And the Paid version is known as John the Ripper Pro and comes with many advanced features.

You can get John the Ripper Pro for $39.95. A Pro license with free future upgrades costs $89.95, and a license with one year of email support costs $185.

But Guys Good News for you There Is No Need to Pay 200$, Just Msg me I’ll Provide you with a Software and Video Tutorial On How to Install John the Ripper At just Very very cheapest Price.

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