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How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux [Instagram Hacking]

Hello, geeks How Are You? IF you are searching for a Tutorial on How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux. So today I recommended this tutorial to you. This Tool Is Used To crack Instagram passwords, Facebook passwords, And all Different Social media Accounts’ Passwords.

So, first Of all, we get some info about Hydra Tool.

What is a hydra tool?


Hydra is a parallelized login cracker that supports numerous protocols to attack. It is very fast and flexible, and new modules are easy to add. Hydra is a pre-installed tool in Kali Linux used to brute-force username and password to different services such as FTP, ssh, telnet, MS-SQL, 

This tool makes it possible for researchers and security consultants to show how easy it would be to gain unauthorized access to a system remotely.

For What Hacking Hydra Tool Is Used?

Hydra is commonly used by penetration testers together with a set of programs like crunch, cupp, etc, which are used to generate wordlists. And Hydra is then used to test the attacks using the wordlists that these programs created. Hydra is set to be updated over time as more services become supported.

How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux

To crack passwords a great tool to brute force is a hydra. It is a parallelized login cracker or password cracker. It was faster and flexible where adding modules is easy. So guys let’s start with How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux.

follow the steps in this article. Copy Following Command and paste Into Linux terminal

sudo apt-get install hydra-gtk

This command will directly install hydra from repositories, this will install the command-line version of hydra with front-end GUI on your Linux system.

Using this command is that you will not be able to get the latest version, so in case you used this command or hydra was preinstalled on your system you can remove it using:

sudo apt-get purge hydra-gtk && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean

first, we need to get our system up to date by using the command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

So Now your system Has an updated Version Of Kali Linux. So Now we need to install some essential things required for hydra.

sudo apt-get -y install build-essential
sudo apt-get install git

For Operating Systems Like Ubuntu/Debian-based distribution, there are some supplementary libraries needed for some optional modules, these can be installed using this command.

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libssh-dev libidn11-dev libpcre3-dev \ libgtk2.0-dev libmysqlclient-dev libpq-dev libsvn-dev \ firebird-dev libncp-dev

It will enable all the optional modules and features with the exception of Oracle, SAP R/3, NCP, and the apple filling protocol. Once it is done now we need to clone the repository.

git clone https://github.com/vanhauser-thc/thc-hydra.git

Locate to the cloned folder directory in your terminal.

cd thc-hydra

After locating the directory we need to configure it


Now if you see this kind of screen with the message “make”, follow the instructions. Use root privileges for “make install”.

Go to your home directory and use “hydra -help” to ensure hydra is installed properly and working well.

Check the usage of Hydra by using of below command:

hydra -h

brute-force ssh username and password

Create a username and password list to enumerate a target by using a hydra automation tool. You can access the wordlist in a directory by using the below command.

cd /usr/share/wordlists

  • -l: input login
  • -L: list of username
  • -p: single password
  • -P: list of passwords
#hydra <Target_IP> ssh -l <username> -P <password_file> -s 22 -vV
#hydra <Target_IP> ssh -l <username> -p <password> -s 22 -vV

To brute-force FTP username and password

#hydra -L <username_file> -P <password_file> ftp://<Target_IP>
#hydra -l <username> -p <password> ftp://<Target_IP>

To brute-force telnet username and password

#hydra -l <username> -p <password> telnet://<Target_IP>

Bottom Thougts: ” How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux

This article covers Examples of How To Install Hydra In Kali-Linux. At the end of the article. So Guys This Tool is Used To Hack Instagram Password. So If you Want Any Hacking Service Then Just Msg Me Or If you Want To Be a hacker And Want Hacking Tutorial Then Just MSg Me I’ll Provide You.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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