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How To hack Instagram with HiddenEye.

Hey Guys, do you need to recognize that, the way to hack someone’s Instagram account is the use of HiddenEye with the Kali Linux system. 

I m certain, your answer will – yes!! however How?. this is the first post to show how to hack Insta, recognize approximately hacking tools, Kali Linux functions

And HiddenEye device functions on this internet site simplest for instructional functions.

in this submission, we are going to see about a way to get someone’s user name and passwords with the help of the HiddenEye tool so that it will run at the Kali Linux device.

Requirment for getting Instagram Passwords –

1- you must have a Linux distribution.

2-Install the HiddenEye tool on your Linux distro.

3- you should have admin privileges to execute all commands easily.

What Is Hidden Eye Tool

HiddenEye device is the most used software program to create a phishing web page for social media systems.

HiddenEye device generates social media phishing page hyperlinks after getting a few users’ input, 

you may proportion the hyperlink to your victim’s 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d cope with or on other platforms where you need to send the phishing web page link. 

For more facts approximately the HiddenEye device, move on to Kali Linux. website.


word – earlier than using those hacking software program, you need to a few matters preserve in thoughts which include Hacking is unlawful hobby

 don’t use those hacking equipment to steal different person’s records, you may use these hacking gear with your own family members or friends, but under their supervision.

After adopting and following the above preparation, we will start our journey with the HiddenEye tool.

The way to hack Instagram account with HiddenEye

we are able to see step-by-step manner to getting someone’s user name and passwords. here, we’re going to use Kali Linux operating machine for walking all commands, you can use different Linux distro.

earlier than going beforehand, you must download HiddenEye software in your local device in which you need to use and run.

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How to hack Instagram account with HiddenEye

we will see step-by-step procedures to getting someone’s user name and passwords. here, we are going to use the Kali Linux Operating system for running all commands, you can use other Linux distro.

before going ahead, you must download HiddenEye software on your local machine where you want to use and run.

Note – connect your machine with the network, which provides you to allow internet access. (use your access point or wi-fi connection to access the Internet)

Ok, let’s get started –

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Step 1: Go to your Linux terminal

change your current directory path, set your directory path where you have saved your HiddenEye directory. use the “cd” command to change your directory path.

Step 2: Run HiddenEye Python script

To run the HiddenEye python script, you must use the “python3” command. type the following command

  • sudo python3 HiddenEye.py

Step 3: Choose one of these option 

if your script has been successfully run, you have seen the list of social media platforms with a specific given numeral. Choose one of these options, type your chosen option –

  • 08 -for Instagram Phishing Page.

Note – if any command or script is not working, you can send your screenshots or leave the message in the comment box, We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

Step 4: For Instagram Phishing Page

Now, we choose “08” to create an Instagram phishing page. type “08” and press the “Enter Key”

Step 5: Operation Mode for Instagram

Now, we will choose operation mode “1” for creating Standard Web Page Instagram Phishing Page. you can go with other options. Type “1” and press the “Enter Key”.

Step 6: Adding Keylogger

Now, it is asking me to add Keylogger, but I will prefer to type “N” and press the “Enter Key”.

Step 7: CloudFlare Protection

You can take Cloudflare protection, but I type “N” and press the “Enter Key”.

Step 8: Get Emailed

if you want to add your email with this attack to get emails of new user registration for your Instagram fake page, you must type “Y” 

but i will type “N” because we want to get instant results. type “N” and press the “enter” key.

You can create a re-direction link – I will type “instagram.com” and press the “Enter” key.

Step 10: Set the Port number

set your port number, I will prefer you to set the port number between (1024-65535). I will type “1025” and press the “Enter” key.

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Step 11: Choose the server

You must choose one of these servers. I will choose “ngrok” for instant results. type “01” and press the “Enter” key.

now, you have got two links – one localhost to check on your own account and another is to share with your victim. I will copy the second link and paste it on my browser URL.

Step 13: Type User Name and Password

you can share your link with your victim, but I will show you how it works. so, I will type user name and password and press the log in button, it will redirect to the link “instagram.com“, that we had been mentioned.

step 14: check your terminal

after clicking on the Webpage Login button, go back and check the terminal window, you will see that the user name and password are on your terminal window.

Yes!!! I Got the User Name & Password.

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Friends I m sure that You also like this post of  HiddenEye Hacking Instagram With Kali Linux 2021 That’s it for now. we will meet soon with a new interesting topic. 

Don’t forget to share this post with your family members and classmates. But don’t share this post with your victim. Stay connected💖

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